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Accountability, Business and Personal Contingency Roadmaps

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Contingency Roadmap

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  • Business and Personal Contingency Planning

    • Business and Personal Contingency Planning
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Lynn Lambrecht

Preventative strategies are my passion. Tough topics are tough. How do you prepare and cope with a sudden diagnosis, an accident or loss of life? OR cope with business impact due to natural disaster, regulatory, technological, and/or human factors? 

Life changes and evolves as we grow through it!  We encounter new experiences through transitions like job changes, moves, new relationships, babies, all the way to retirement – so many factors to consider along the way. 

"What do I do NOW?" We seem programmed to react to life.  What if we considered a proactive stance?  Each transition is a time when we stretch beyond what we've known to take a new step life's journey.  After years in the reactive space, I’m a believer in up-front action to allow us to feel what we deserve to feel in times of loss. 

I saw a gap in society and created The Living Planner providing individuals and organizations the "layperson perspective" of if/then possibilities.  We discuss how financial, legal, health care, tax, accounting and insurance professionals serve us.

It matters to me that working with individuals, families and businesses, we proactively seek action with primary focus on empowerment, relationships, open conversations and some real life sass!

As a 30-year aviation professional that witnessed the aftermath and handled details for specific families impacted by aviation emergencies on a large scale as a volunteer emergency team member throughout my years in aviation, I have a strong sense of service, experience and business acumen. 

I've worked with the accountants, business attorneys, fiduciaries, financial planners, end of life care professionals, estate planning attorneys, funeral providers, home health people, insurance agents, medical care teams, tax people, and trust administrators.  Keeping up on national and state laws is key, along with understanding how the pieces each of the professionals handles helps me thread the need to see the gaps and know how to fill them. 

The journey of life is a gift. Make a little time up front to address life's administrative side" and prevent heartache down the road. In the moments when life changes in the blink of an eye, we deserve to grieve vs. scrambling to search for x, y, and/or z. Look forward to meeting you on this journey called life. --Lynn  

My work with The Living Planner honors and remembers the victims, families and survivors of NW255, NW1482 and UA175. #LifeHacks #StepInStepUp


 "Thank you, Lynn, for this AMAZING course. Your Living Planner Book Study Course has made it so much easier for me and my husband to make sure we have all the necessary documents to take care of our health, property, assets, and even our beloved pet. 💕 I really like how you simplified the process by grouping the documents into easy-to-follow categories that have a summary, actions to take, and additional information. I highly recommend this course – it’s such a great feeling when you complete this course, and you are in control of your life and your future.." 

Janet Lienhard
Virtual Instructor

 “This book and program has made me get on track with my planning like no other. Lynn is a genius at making the steps clear and simple so that anyone who follows them can be successful. Thank you!”   

Dan Mulhern
Mulhern Design Company

 “As a business owner I knew I needed a plan for the “what if” part of life. Lynn at The Living Planner helped me with personal planning, estate planning, business planning – the whole thing! She has tremendous knowledge and has created tools to make the process easy.” 

Rebecca Prouty
Always Best Care of Temecula Valley