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From Lynn Lambrecht Temecula, CA

Dear fellow animal lover, I'm Lynn.

It's Nice to meet you! As you can see, I've been an animal lover furrever :) Gone are my days working around the globe in aviation.

Working from home has been our reality of late. Health benefits for humans is documented. Pets and humans keep each other happy and healthy. We keep each other pawsitive!

Yet, were you aware that animal cruelty is widespread and common? To heighten awareness about animal cruelty, there is a month dedicated to this issue.

April is the month dedicated as Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month.
We learned this year that 10 million animals die each year in the U.S. from abuse alone :( 100,000 horses are killed in the US and processed for human consumption :( 115 Million animals are used for lab experiments around the world :(

As an animal lover, you care and comfort them. You make sure they have food and if you are separated, you are able to find them.

I Love my work with The Living Planner®! It is my passion to provide you with information to provide care and protection for you, your families, your businesses and your precious animals/pets.

My aim with Furrever Loved is for you to have information and resources to make life better for you and them! We've lived through Life's twists and turns this year. Throughout it all, our pets have been with us.

As we prepare for post-pandemic life, let's keep in mind our beloved pets. If you'd be interested in learning more about all the ways you can care and protect your animals, join me as I launch Furrever Loved. Information is power!

Let's make sure it's "pawerful" for you and yours :)

For Business Leaders and Employees

As we've learned through the Pandemic, life can unexpectedly come in ways not anticipated.
Global aviation experience combined with my volunteer emergency team response work has taught me
the benefits of mitigating risks for businesses, business leaders and employees.

Business Step-in Planning is my forte.
Preventative Strategies for Business Leaders and Employees

Let's consider the positive impact of taking action in the areas highlighted below:

There's SO much to Explore!

For Business

Discussions about company contingencies tend to focus upon external variables – market conditions, regulatory impact, data breaches, et al. These discussions are vital, yet leave out two important issues: people impact (succession) and transfer of ownership (exit planning).

Comprehensive assessment for companies of contingencies, succession and exit planning involves different aspects of review. In my experience in corporate leadership positions, a disciplined practice reviewing who, what and how has resulted in a fresh approach to execution of protection planning.

Workplace engagement, retention and productivity are vital for the success of any company.  Companies strive to attract and retain employees with a variety of skills to ensure their client base is served in an exemplary fashion. Living through the past year has been a wake-up call.

Is it possible to provide education, resources and assistance to each generation with specified information to guide them through transitions they may or may not be prepared for?

Yes! The Living Planner believes this is an incredible opportunity to incorporate employee well-being component "life planning" for all levels of your organization.
Focus areas: contingency, succession and exit planning; along with C-Suite, Departmental Leader and Employee initiatives to create order amidst chaos.

A Variety of Courses To Help You Throughout Life

You may be interested in how to protect you, your family, your pets and/or your business. Access any of the
courses to receive instructions addressing the practical tasks needed after we reach the age of 18, action items to take to protect you and yours and resources for you to use now and into the future.

Courses are offered for life. State and National laws change and it's important to know this work continues throughout your life.   

Learn At Your Own Pace

From any device, any time at your convenience. Resume exactly where you left off for the time frame you choose.

Courses are offered for life. State and National laws change and it's important to know this work continues throughout your life.

Life Planning is a Life-long Process

Taking care of the administrative side of life takes time. To help you get started and understand pieces of life that are often overlooked, select the courses of interest to you and the time you wish to access them.

Courses are offered for life. State and National laws change and it's important to know this work continues throughout your life.